Community Review: NBA 2K17

If you pre-purchased extremely early, or directly touch the bullet over the weekend and purchased the game anyhow, you'd have gotten initial use of the full version of NBA 2K17 ahead of its retail release. Even before that, part of the profession gameplay appears via The Prelude.

So far reports are the PC version a bit buggy, NBA 2K17 Locker Codes XBOX One although upgrading drivers appears to have sorted out any operation problems for many.

When it comes to career mode, there's no more Spike Lee who immediately makes everything better. Kobe Byrant is purportedly your mentor, and rather than going the NBA 2K15 course of having you earn a 10-day contract, you find yourself doing exercises for Kobe on a random road court instead.

It's a considerably more excellent and more rapid intro that gets you into the mechanisms of updating your player, instead of locking you into irritating cutscenes and a player you can't customize for the first few hours.

That's arguably the largest matter 2K needed to ace, although enhancing defense and making it simpler to challenge shots is a nice touch too.

Overall, the word is decent. Have you ever picked it up? What would you think of NBA 2K17 so far?