What We'd Like To Anticipate in the PS4

We've compiled a wishlist of what we'd like to see in the next-gen games console, the PS4.

The first one is not much what it's going to add, vert shock review but what characteristics we'd like to get carried over from the PS3.

We might additionally like the PS4 to be more strong than it's predecessor, we anticipate the PS4 to bring the most recent graphics technology and unparalleled sound as well as better 3D functionality to adapt the latest 3d TV and the rest of the advantages that'll include an even more powerful chip CPU.

Although the PlayStation Network continues to be a big hit, the Xbox has had an advantage when it comes to the community so we'd like to see the PS4 step it up in that section and figure out the secret recipe in this section that is functioning so nicely for the Xbox.

Additionally, we'd like to see the PS4 be more efficiently:

Although we are anticipating some fantastic new tricks from your PlayStation Vita, which should have existed for some time by the time it gets a new big brother. We need Sony to take an excellent look at how it is going to make it is gaming experience more mobile with the launch of the PS4. We should see mobile information and gaming and an acceptable link up with telephones, tablet computers, and notebooks.